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The issue of delivery of children's play and sports equipment is very important, plus everything, it is closely intertwined with payment and installation of equipment, that's why in this section we will tell about it in more detail. We are glad to each our client and we try to make so that each our customer was sure that buying children's and sports grounds in SKIF is simple and reliable.



For this we describe the entire Delivery process in the form of successive steps:



Step 1. Volume and weight.

Once you have defined the list of equipment and sent it to us, we can immediately calculate the exact weight and volume for transportation.

Step 2. Choise of transport.


After that, our manager will contact you, and you will decide for yourself with a convenient delivery method for you:


  1. it can be any of the transport companies, (retail customers delivery to the transport company for free)
  2. your own transport
  3. Our transport, if you need installation
Step 3. Matching of the cost of delivery.

Then our manager communicates with the transport company and then informs you about the estimated cost of delivery. When the cost of equipment and delivery is agreed, we proceed to the next step - signing the contract and payment.
Step 4. Payment.

If our delivery, then the contract and invoice for payment will be from us. After signing the contract, you make an advance payment of 70%. When the equipment is ready our manager contacts with you and negotiates the details of the shipment. You pay the remaining 30% and we ship your equipment. Accordingly, if it is a transport company, then you pay for delivery on the fact of delivery itself, after 100% of payment for the equipment itself.

Step 5. Shipment and acceptance of equipment


Required documents:


  • From a legal entity
    • If the trustee comes, the original of the power of attorney for Form M2 to the trustee and the passport of the trustee.
    • If the director comes, the stamp and passport of the director
  • From an individual:
    • Personal presence of the buyer with a passport
    • Notarized power of attorney of the buyer for an authorized person with a passport of the authorized person.
  • Fence transport company:
    • The original power of attorney from the buyer to the transport company and the original power of attorney from the transport company to the driver.
    • If the delivery to the transport company is carried out by our transport, then upon receipt in the transport company, the personal presence of the buyer with the passport is necessary.
When the equipment is received, the conformity to quantity and quality is checked.
Claims for quantity are accepted within 10 working days from the moment of transfer of equipment to the buyer.
After that go to the next stage
With sincere respect the staff of SKIF