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Our company since 2008 is engaged in the production of children's playgrounds in Samara. The children's play equipment of the trade mark SKIF meets all modern requirements on safety and quality, at operation of children's playgrounds. Children's playgrounds of our company are made in Samara only from high-quality materials and with strict quality control. This is what we have achieved high performance and long life of SKIF children's playgrounds.   



The design of each element is thought through to the smallest detail. This applies to both design and security. The equipment has smoothed surfaces, which meets modern requirements and is very important in conditions of active child's games. We present to your attention the diversity of small architectural forms for children of all ages.


On the children's playgrounds SKIF Samara will be interesting for boys and girls, preschoolers, and adolescents. The assortment includes swings, slides, rocking on the spring, trains, lazes, carousels, small houses, small architectural forms, shady canopies, sports equipment, sports grounds, gazebos, tables, benches, benches, and much more. Also to your attention are ropes, ropes, basketball rings.


In 2017, the production of sports simulators was added to the range of our products. We provide services for the delivery and installation of children's play equipment SKIF. Since 2010, we have been selling and installing playgrounds throughout Russia and the countries of the former USSR.



In this short time, with our forces and with the help of our partners and representatives, our equipment has appeared in all Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Children's playground SKIF Samara will turn the yard into a cozy children's town. Here, every child will find what to do, a fun holiday in the company of friends is guaranteed to all users of our playgrounds.




For the production of children's play equipment, the highest quality materials



Our company offers the best conditions for customers. Our strengths are:


  • Own production Low prices.
  • Flexible system of discounts
  • Short time High quality products.
  • Own production control
  • Free design project
  • Delivery all over Russia and CIS
  • 100% compliance with all existing russian standarts