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There are three ways to install a playground:


  1. Order installation in our company.
  2. Order installation in a specialized construction company.
  3. Set by yourself.


The first two methods will cost 20-30% of the cost of the equipment on the price list. If you want to install the equipment yourself, you can get a qualified consultation on installing the equipment from our specialists.


Our company carries out installation all over Russia!



There is a common myth that children's play equipment is very difficult to install to someone who has never done it, in fact it is not. If you like doing something with your own hands. then you will not have problems with installing SKIF branded children's play equipment. In order for you to have a general idea of ​​installing playgrounds, we have removed several video instructions, and we hope that they will help you with this. Now the video engineer is engaged in their voice acting, and soon they will be with sound, but for now we apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Thank you for being our client!



Pleasant viewing and easy installation!


The game equipment: