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As of January 1, 2018, the SKIF Company equipped with 15 180 sites throughout Russia and the CIS




Vyacheslav Gennadievich

The MBU Kinel "Housing and Communal Services Department" has repeatedly purchased outdoor gaming equipment in SKIF. I liked the equipment and high quality products. Playing complexes perfectly proved themselves in operation. I would like to note an individual approach to each of our orders. "Housing and Communal Services Department" in Kinel continues to cooperate with your company, since SKIF is a guarantee of reliability and quality. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.



With the Samara Combine of game forms, we have been fruitfully working since 2012. From year to year we increase trade. The company "Skif", supported us when we were at the start in 2012., and continues to actively participate in our trading activities. This company is among the first three of our permanent and largest trading partners. I would like to especially note the constant expansion of the assortment, and work on improving the technical characteristics already on the available positions. The quality of your products allows you to put a big plus when selling the goods. The company's pricing policy also allows to compete in any region of Russia.




Our company is the official representative of SKIF Company in the Republic of Kazakhstan. For all the time of our cooperation, SKIF has established itself as a reliable supplier. The employees of the company strive to fulfill their orders qualitatively and on time, I would like to note their high qualification and professionalism. The management of our company expresses its gratitude to you and hopes for a long-term long-term partnership.



Since 2009, RESURS Ltd. is the official dealer of SKIF, the company's management treats customers' requests with understanding, and the quality of products does not suffer, which ultimately gives joy to the basic users of gaming equipment for our children!



Our company has been working with the Samara Combine of Game Forms since 2011. During all this time, when carrying out our orders, our partners have never failed us with the terms of production and delivery. The quality of the equipment is also worthy of an exceptionally high appraisal, especially taking into account the fact that the cost of production is noticeably lower than that of the most well-known manufacturers, but in terms of consumer properties they are in no way inferior or even superior to their products. We will continue our cooperation, as successful business depends very much on reliable partners, to which SKIF certainly belongs.



Our cooperation with the company began two years ago. During this time, there were many requests and appeals to the company for the production and delivery of products to our remote region. All the time, the managers and management of SKIF responded promptly to our inquiries, provided competent explanations and sent the necessary information. We would like to thank all the staff of SKIF for a harmonious, productive work and attentive attitude to the customer, and we hope for further fruitful cooperation

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We have been cooperating with SKIF since 2010. During this time SKIF proved to be a reliable supplier and partner. Every year SKIF changes for the better: it improves the design of equipment, improves the quality, extends the range, the 3D designer has appeared. Especially it would be desirable to note the director SKIF Starykova Dmitry for his client-oriented approach, an individual approach to clients, the desire to find a solution for all emerging issues. On behalf of our entire company, we wish SKIF further development, creative success, prosperity and prosperity.



Our company LLC "Kolibri Mag" cooperates with the company SKIF since 2012. SKIF's playgrounds are an excellent combination of price and quality. Bright colors and safe designs please children and their parents. The collective of the SKIF Company in the process of joint activity shows professionalism, responsiveness and understanding of the client's needs. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!

During the time of joint work all employees of your company showed themselves to be competent specialists. All the products were made of high quality and in a timely manner. I want to note the professionalism and competence of the company as a whole. Since the beginning of joint work with you, we have managed to improve the quality of the objects delivered and ensure compliance with all technical regulations required by the Customer to our organization. I recommend that everyone interested in the arrangement of children's playgrounds and look forward to long-term cooperation in the future.


In the course of our cooperation I was convinced of the reliable business reputation of the SKIF company, capable of performing any tasks in the development and manufacture of children's playgrounds and sports grounds in a short time and with good quality of work. I would like to note the company's commitment to continuous development and improvement, its readiness to find the best solutions to the most difficult problems, and the desire to introduce advanced methods and innovative practices in the manufacture of children's play and sports fields. Thanks to SKIF for the joy brought to children, as the smile and laughter of the child is the best gratitude for the work done!


Good afternoon! I want to express my gratitude to the employees of Skif for their professionalism and efficiency in the execution of the ordered works. For the high quality of work, friendly attitude to clients and assistance in solving related issues. With respect the client Degtyareva MA


Children's laughter, the love of parents and fun games - this is a whole world called CHILDHOOD! A children's playground is an important part of it. Here there live kindness and magic, which, through the children's imagination, are transformed into reality and filled with merry laughter. On the well and properly equipped playground children have a desire to create, play and play sports. Your platforms have an original design solution and are executed in bright colors, and the strength and reliability of materials ensures high wear resistance, environmental friendliness and safety during the game: We like to cooperate with SKIF, work fast, make on time without any delays!