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This section was created in order to simplify the process of buying children's play and sports equipment from our company.


We are glad to each our client and we try to make so that each our customer was sure that buying children's and sports grounds in SKIF is simple and reliable.


For this we describe the whole process in the form of successive steps:


Step 1. Chosing equipment.


We go in the catalog and we like and very much necessary equipment we send to the Basket. The number of pieces of equipment can be increased or decreased in the basket itself.


Step 2. Making an order


After you have defined the list of equipment, fill out the questionnaire - Checkout, and send it to us

Step 3. Cost matching.


As soon as your application gets to us, our manager starts to process it.


The cost of equipment indicated on the site is not final, and depends on several factors:



  1. The system of discounts for us is funded, and if you have already bought equipment from us, then your discount is determined from the amount of previous purchases.
  2. Periodically we hold different actions, and our managers can advise you on this issue.
  3. Depending on the season, discounts for retail customers change, in winter and early spring, for example, you can always buy equipment at a better price.




Separately agreed the cost of delivery and installation, if you need them.


Step 4. Signing of the contract.



After agreeing the cost, we sign the contract with you, and we bill you for payment. If you are in another city, then first we will send you a contract and an invoice in a scanned form. At your request, the original documents can be sent by mail, or by express delivery (at your expense). As a rule, we send originals of documents together with equipment - it's convenient and practical.



Step 5. Prepayment.


After receiving an invoice for payment, you need to make a prepayment of 70% of the cost of the equipment. We accept only non-cash payments, and it's very easy to do. If you are an individual, then with our account you go to any branch of any bank and make payment. Or do not go anywhere, but open the Internet and pay the bill through any online payment service, for example, Sberbank online, Alfa Click or similar (banks take a small percentage - on the Internet it is usually lower). And if you are a legal entity, then you have no questions, how and where to pay.


Step 6. Final calculation.



When the equipment is ready for shipment, our manager contacts you and informs you about it.

You pay the remaining 30% and get your equipment by one of the methods described in the Delivery section



Install and play!


That's all we wanted to tell you about paying for children's play and sports equipment. Yours faithfully to you company SKIF.